Guidelines and Plans

Mahncke Park residents have been working to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood for years. In cooperation with the city of San Antonio, the neighborhood has established two sets of guidelines to help in this effort.

For the neighborhood:
In 1983 Mahncke Park was the first neighborhood to have its Master Plan adopted by city council. The plan was updated again in 2008, and gives an overview of what residents envision for the area.

In June 2019, City Council approved the San Antonio Midtown Area Regional Center, which includes the neighborhoods of Mahncke Park, Westfort, Tobin Hill, Uptown/St. Ann’s, Five Points, and a small portion of Government Hill. The framework of this new plan, which includes focus areas, housing and land use, can be found HERE. As part of the process and changes, Mahncke Park’s Master Plan is now embedded within the SA Midtown Area Regional Center’s plan. It can be found within the Neighborhood Profile and Priorities section, which contains a document of Mahncke Park’s profile and specific neighborhood priorities.

For your home:
In addition to the city wide guidelines regulating improvements to properties, Mahncke Park is a Neighborhood Conservation District (NCD). Designed to protect and strengthen the desirable and unique features of the area, the NCD is a zoning overlay designation that addresses appropriateness of new construction in existing residential neighborhoods and commercial districts. If you plan to do improvements to your property please check the NCD Guidelines before starting work. The city of San Antonio will check these guidelines against our plan before issuing building permits.

Please review the plans and guidelines and contact the MPNA Board with questions prior to starting any new project. In addition, please contact the Land Use Committee if your project involves land use matters, zoning change requests, variances to the Neighborhood Conservation District guidelines and platting.